About Alberto – en

“My process has one goal in mind, to express my truth. I first envision the outline of my work, then, as i begin actualising this outline on the canvass, i begin to deform the elements into slightly creating a work with highly contrasted forms and color. I work mainly with graphite and charcoal when using paper ad my medium. The 220 grade semi-rough paper-works well with the acrylics i use and this combination allow me to release my inner expression. The colors ignite my creativity so to speak. I also like working with wood and glass. I am very inspired by people’s ideas and by the intellectual comparisons’ that are made of them by others. I find my own creativity flourishes when i am struggling to understand big ideas and concepts. I use this to my advantage when working on a commission for a client. My process of trying to get into the mind of my client and understand what style and colors they will like most always results in an unique artwork, tailored specifically for my client. My surreal expression, on the other and, is anchored in the study and development of the Geek mythos, the cosmos, and the nature of reality. I try to find the universal symbols in each myth and incorporate them into the final piece. I anchor the viewer with these symbols but, by altering them slightly, I am encouraging new considerations be made.