Athena and Metis

Athena & Metis

“Metis is the name of that entity that appears on the left side of the canvas, which seems to ” drive ” the direction of an puzzled Athena. It is absolutely not wrong to glimpse how the great Athena has become less imperious here, compared to all the contexts in to whom one finds or imagines it (think of the name of the Greek capital …), because the first cited Metis is none other than the virtue itself disposed to the figure of Athena (sometimes also found as mother of the Goddess) she, who guides the charioteer in the warrior path, the precise movement of the sword of Achille, the warrior expertise combined with the destructive force, the skill, we would say today … Athena and Metis are the same thing in its double face nature; surface (mythological Athena) and depth ( Metis, the archè of virtue).


120 x 150 x 1.5/cm


Mixedmedia su telaio (cotone )