"Hypnos, il custode dell'enigma"

Hypnos, before becoming the guardian of the absolute enigma, was the firstborn of Ananke (.. link opera ..) son of an imperious need of our specie. We find it mentioned in the Iliad. “In book 14 of Homer’s Iliad, Hera promises Pasitea in marriage to Hypnos, the God of sleep, in exchange for a favour: making Zeus fall asleep in order to lie with him. Pasitea represents a beautiful girl, personification of unconscious meditation. Hypnos marries Pasitea, becoming the symbol of the well-being of deep sleep. ” These transpositions between myth and physiology of good rest (Hypnos: sleep / Pasitea: rest of deep sleep) describe the power of the imagination in which this god moved; precisely in the enigma of the unconscious itself. He, as a child of the Necessity (So called Nature) for rest, becomes an ancient custodian of the memory of dreams, married to the meditative Pasitea, always bringing us to wake with renewed physical and mental energies, and if you talked to Freud, also a good amount of clinical material, because digital or not, dreams prevails the waking understandings of our reality !!


40 x 60 x 1,5/cm


Tecnica mista su telaio. (cotone poliestere)