"Logos, dark eater"

“Logos (λόγος) is a term in classical Greek philosophy, known for its two meanings; ‘thought’ and ‘word’, which in the cultural and ethical context joins these two things into one: dialogue.
At the basis of everything, and beyond any precept, doctrine or philosophical thought, there is dialogue.
Dià, “through” and logos, “talk”. This is why you can see a little man cross a strange “gate” in the lower left of the work. Furthermore, the beauty of that Artemis of Gabii has left me to understand that I am like a perennial observer on the edge of nowhere, if I tend to want my daimon (…) to understand all about everyone. I identify myself here in an enigmatic statue that I stole from a painting by Giorgio De Chirico “The Disquieting Muses”. Once out of the tunnel of dialogue, become an observer statue of the goddess of Wild Nature par excellence, I place your attention on the true Logos; the demon that impetuous in his search finds the wise goddess from a cosmic flash, indicates limits and respect for a good and superior contemplation.


50 x 70 x 1,5/cm


crilici, collage, spray su mdf (legno compressato)