Three Moires

Three Moires

“Three Moires, which became the Roman Fates, identify three entities that manage the fate of a man, becoming themselves destiny, however divisible into three categories. Not to be confused with the various” cycles “of life in the Greek cultural conception, but rather we have to imagine them as the “ethical” idea of ​​an immutable background, managed according to very specific laws and functions, despite their obscure nature. In fact, “Cloto” spins life from an unmentioned beginning, Lachesis fixes the fate of the individual mortal (in a context and an ethics to be analyzed more widely according to the various connections with the goddess Tyche or Ananke (…)), while Atropos has the simplest task, as well as for us to be taken for granted; cutting the thread at the right time , the name of this figure means “immutable, in no-other-way except this”. For me, the most important from an ethical point of view, is Lachesis, the one you can see in the center of the canvas, with the fire of life on the head, while fumbling with the cable came out from a black dimension, with a distant galaxy in the center, left behind as the moment of birth escaped to Cloto.
The Moires are one of the many ways that the Greeks had to think about the extent of our free will idea. Of course, ours as mankind.


50 x 70/cm


mixedmedia su cartone telato